As a Butler Builder, Red Wing Construction is ready to take on the data center marketplace industry.

Partnering with Butler Building gives Red Wing Construction access to the materials needed to create design-build data centers ecosystems. We create data centers for delivery systems, cloud service providers and Ecommerce.

  • We are a general contractor that uses Butler materials for greater continuity, consistency, and design standardization.
  • Butler uses just-in-time manufacturing techniques to synchronize the fabrication and delivery of materials to match our data center design build construction.
  • Butler provides both pre-engineered and conventionally-designed building systems. This means working with Red Wing Construction gives you the flexibility to simplify your supply chain.
  • Butler’s collaborative, ‘lean’ construction process allows an owner to understand the cost impact of the decisions made across pre-construction. With Butler materials, we can help you make informed decisions regarding value-engineered options.