Job Opening: Estimator

//Job Opening: Estimator

Job Estimator

Red Wing Construction Company

Job Purpose:

The Estimator is to accurately define full scope of project, perform all of the estimating duties of project from start to finish. The Estimator will coordinate and work closely with Project Managers and Job Supervisors to keep all jobs on time and on budget. The Estimator is responsible to oversee design development and coordinate architect and engineers as necessary and provide estimating services throughout the duration of the design development.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Convert all bids into detailed budgets and schedules before job begins. Phases of budgets need to be identified toward easy time tracking for field employees.
  • Collaborate with Project Manager on cost-effectiveness of products, projects or services, tracking actual costs relative to bids as the project develops.
  • Conduct special studies to develop and establish standard hour and related cost data or to effect cost reduction.
  • Confer with engineers, architects, owners, contractors and subcontractors on changes and adjustments to cost estimates.
  • Consult with clients, vendors, personnel in other departments or construction foremen to discuss and formulate estimates and resolve issues.
  • Establish and maintain tendering process, and conduct negotiations.
  • Prepare cost and expenditure statements and other necessary documentation at regular intervals for the duration of the project.
  • Prepare estimates for use in selecting vendors or subcontractors.
  • Prepare estimates used by management for purposes such as planning, organizing, and scheduling work.
  • Review material and labor requirements, to decide whether it is more cost-effective to produce or purchase components.
  • Review signed time cards to ensure phase code accuracy – discusses inconsistencies with Project Managers and Job Supervisor.
  • Assist the Project Manager on and off job sites as needed.
  • Provide “as built” plans to client after construction.

Biding and Design Duties:

  • Assists the Owner to define complete project scope, requirements, timeline, and budget constraints.
  • Is the lead contact for all parties involved during the design evolution.
  • Oversees and monitors architect and engineers
  • Performs value engineering as necessary.
  • Attend meetings to present periodic design and project updates.
  • Prepares and finalizes the specification summary booklets
  • Finalizes construction budget and plans for construction.

Administrative Duties:

  • General work week time expectations are 7:00 am to 4:00 pm (or approximately one hour before crew begins and one hour after they are finished). Some evening client meetings are required. A flexible work-week is appropriate but must not be abused
  • Must turn in daily time cards to executive team for approval before sending to payroll and must be turned into payroll by the following Monday for processing.


  • Excellent teamwork and communication skills including writing, typing, and speaking
  • Able to handle multiple projects and bids (large & small) in motion
  • Working independently
  • Computer proficiency
  • 5+ years experience managing yearly project totals of $1M+
  • Knowledge of commercial & industrial construction a plus
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