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History of Red Wing Construction Company

In July of 1981 J.L. Frost Construction was founded by President, Jeff L. Frost of Maiden Rock, WI and Vice President, Laurie J. Frost of Red Wing, MN. Starting out remodeling residential homes J.L. Frost Construction emerged in the custom built home market in the early 1990’s. In 1995 one of the last homes J.L. Frost Construction built was featured in the Better Homes and Gardens magazine and naturally J.L. Frost Construction evolved into larger, more complex projects in the commercial and industrial market. With the new focus on commercial and industrial projects, the company also changed names; J.L. Frost Construction is now known as Red Wing Construction Company.

Renovation is a specialty of Red Wing Construction Company which makes sense because Red Wing, MN is an historic River Town that is home to numerous historic landmarks, such as ADM the old home of the Red Wing Flour Mill, the Gladstone Building, and the new Condominiums in the Old Red Wing High School; all of these and numerous other projects have been renovated by Red Wing Construction Company! Coincidentally, Jeff’s first job out of high school was at the Red Wing Flour Mill and the renovation for ADM was Red Wing Construction Companies first industrial renovation project. During the renovation Jeff found the old Red Wing Flour Mill logo and has now trademarked it for Red Wing Construction Company. The old Red Wing Flour Mill logo and new Red Wing Construction Company logo is the oldest Red Wing logo around dating back to the 1800’s!

Red Wing Construction Company has seen its fair share of ups and downs throughout the past 35 years. In the late 1990’s the commercial construction industry was booming with buildings going up everywhere! The staff at Red Wing Construction Company soared from 10 employees to over 40 employees in a matter of months and business was great! It has tapered off a bit now, but still has a bright future. Today Red Wing Construction Company focuses on Design/Build projects ranging anywhere from Industrial/Manufacturing facilities to Religious facilities, Professional buildings and even Greenhouses! There is hardly a building in Goodhue County that has not been touched by Red Wing Construction Company.